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We all want to express ourselves the best we can, and sometimes the best way is on a shirt or a mask! With background in graphic design, I offer a growing assortment of pre-designed shirts and masks that are made to order with a variety of sizes and colors. I am also open to collaborate on custom designs!


You could be lounging at home, going to work, or out for a walk to get some fresh air, but regardless of what you are doing, it's nice to show a bit of who you are. With an growing list of pre designed shirts and custom orders available, you could soon be wearing a shirt that you enjoy!

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While Covid-19 cases keep rising, the CDC continues to recommend wearing cloth face mask coverings in public settings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain. For a limited time only, I offer hand-sewn face masks for adults and children in a variety of patterns. Fabric will not be replenished once sold out! However, I will continue to offer pre-made masks with personalized iron on designs! Click the link below to see the masks I offer!

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