• Assistants •

Over my years of experience, I have learned that it is okay to ask for help. In the past, I took on projects by myself with full confidence that I could handle it all alone. As time went on, I realized that, while sometimes I can handle it alone, there is no shame in asking for a little assistance and extra coverage. 

My team is a group of people I trust. We work together to create the best shoot and we all share a common view which makes "capturing the moment" a more complete reality. I have a personal relationship with my team as well which makes our working relationship a brilliant partnership. 

couldn't ask for a better team!

**With most of my team based in California, Jobs in Arizona will be mainly worked though myself with the help of my assistant, Levi,

however, for large events with advance planning, team members from California may be able to assist.**

• Senior Assistant •

Sita-Marie is the go to assistant for many shoots due to her rounded experience and attention to detail. She often takes behind-the-seens shots for social media posts to document the fun from each adventure! She has helped with many jobs from carrying items, to being trusted to take important shots while I am not nearby. Sita-Marie is being trained to take on shoots by herself when I am not available to expand availability and reach! 

• Sita-Marie Pillay •


Why Photography: I began my venture into photography when I was in the San Mateo County 4-H at the young age of twelve. I took part in the photography section of the club focusing on finding the right niche for myself with such a diverse medium. My passion grew and I used photography in my everyday life, becoming the designated family 'picture taker' at all functions. My favorite things to capture are candid photos, nature, and animals.  There is something special about catching people and animals in their everyday lives as well as finding the light within nature. 

Why CMBArtistry: Cassie and I have been friends since 2013 which began working side by side at a local pet store. She asked me if I wanted to assist with a wedding, not knowing that I adore both weddings and photography. From there, we started a formal professional relationship along with our  friend-ship which makes us working together all that more enjoyable for the clients and us. Cassie also created the website, business cards, and logo for my small business Mutts Managed. Her graphic design skills really flourished in my business and I am lucky enough to have such a skilled artist both within my team in my business and as my superior in her business. 


• Levi Lewellen 


Why Photography: Photography is an art form that is able to express reality though your own eye. Not only is it capturing a moment for someone, it is capturing your own life and memories at the same time — capturing a part of history. Photography allows you to freeze that moment in time to look back on for years.

Why CMBArtistry: When I saw photography from CMBArtistry, I not only saw their skill in the finishing result, but I saw Cassie in the field and I realized there was more to her photography skills — she is a leader to a team that produces wonderful end results. I first went to Cassie with some photos I took and asked for critique. Cassie embraced my desire to learn and asked if I wanted to learn more about photography as a whole. She began to train me to be an assistant October, 2018. Though we focus on what I am best at, nature & still life, I am also encouraged to learn all forms of photography like portraits & events. Cassie teaches me how to see the beauty in the world in a whole new way. I am excited to continue in my knowledge and growth as a photographer, but especially with the owner and the team that is CMBArtistry. My focus in shoots is to take behind the scenes photos while also capturing the smaller details some may overlook at events.

• Jeanette Yoo •


Why Photography: When I was young I went to a museum that was having a photography exhibition. During this exhibition seeing all the images it made me wonder why the photographer took these images. The ability to be creative and also the emotions behind the pictures taken is breath taking. It inspires others to not only take pictures but to capture a moment a thought that can influence someone to feel different types of emotions. My favorite type of photography are portraits and food. 

Why CMBArtistry: When Cassie reached out to me to be an assistant photographer I was thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. Cassie’s knowledge, dedication and professionalism is what drew me to want to work with her. She has a great personality that is easy to get along with and is very understanding to clientele’s visions of what they want. I wanted to widen my experience and skills by being an assistant photographer for CMB Artistry.

• Miles Artherton •


Why Photography: I started off taking photos in 2002 using a Polaroid camera. I traveled all across the bay area with my family capturing scenic and candid shots. I soon took a liking to photographing things in everyday life that entreated me while also capturing the world around me.  I like taking photos because it's capturing a moment that people want to remember for the rest of their lives.

Why CMBArtistry:  Cassie and I met in October, 2015, and within two months she asked me to join her and Marcia ( a photo partner) as an assistant on a maternity shoot and a family Holiday shoot. I started off carrying around equipment while also holding reflectors, but Cassie saw my desire to be behind a camera. In 2016 Cassie started showing me around the cameras she uses while teaching me some techniques I had not known in photography. In October, 2016, she handed me her second camera, promoting me to Assistant Photographer! I was thrilled! Since working for CMBArtistry I have learned a lot in such a short time and I learned from her that you can never stop being educated. I love working for CMBArtistry because the team works really well together and Cassie provides many services that I can learn outside of photography. I am thrilled to continue to learn and grow in my photography while working with someone so friendly and educated and great at what she does.  


• Marissa Estonina •


Why Photography: My first serious experience taking photos was in a photo film class. I learned how to take care in capturing photos and developing them. As a photographer I want to bring this same care and attention to people's memories. I know how important it is to look back at these photos and clearly remember the feeling and events you had at the time. 

Why CMBArtistry:  Cassie is one of the best photographers and graphic designers I know. When I go to her for help in these fields she always is honest with me and shows me how I can better my work. It is important for me to constantly learn and working with Cassie will only strengthen my ability to take photos.