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Welcome to Hogwarts
Beauty & the Beast: Lumiere and Fifi
The Little Mermaid
Mrs. Jumbo & Dumbo
Lilo & Stitch
Lady & the Tramp
Remember Who You Are
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Some Pig
Big Hero 6
Princess Jasmine
Brother Bear
Cap Vs. Iron Man

• Cartoons •

This gallery is pretty self-explanatory, but if it is not...


Look at this stuff.... isn't it neat?

Don't dare think that my collection is complete.

Do you think I'm the girl...

The girl who could paint anything? 

I've got mermaids & creatures of plenty,

I've got lions & heroes galore.

You want a painting, I can do many...

don't be shy, it's no big deal;

I can do more!

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