• Ceramics •

It's easy as 1,2,3!

1) Choose the Item: 

Items range from practical to decorative and can very in prices 

depending on the item chosen (Roughly $18 - $60).

I purchase all ceramic items at Color Me Mine in Menlo Park.

2) Select the Medium:

Acrylic Paint: I offer a wide assortment of colors including metallic. This options is ONLY FOR DECORATIVE ITEMS. All items are covered in a clear sealant, but is not safe for use with food or liquid. 

Prices Start at $20 with this medium

Ceramic Glaze: Best used on mugs, plates, platters, bowls

and any other item that will be used for food/liquid. There are over 30 colors to chose from, but metallic options are NOT offered. All items are covered in a clear coat and fired in a kiln

for a solid glossy finish.

Prices Start at $30 with this medium

3) Select the Design:

Designs can range from simple to complex. 

Simple designs

1-4 colors

swirls, small flowers, or polkadots

writing included

Prices start at the lowest marked price stated above

Complex designs 

as many colors as needed

landscapes, cartoon characters, and detailed designs.

Prices start at $80, but can go up depending on size and detail of request.

Items can take anywhere form

3days to 3 weeks to be completed

depending on choice of medium and design


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