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This information is a combination of my own points as well as points from Alfred and Emma Photography. Linked found Here

• Tips For Your Shoot •

Please respect my guidelines as they help keep the shoot running smoothly.


If you are “camera shy” or hate the way your smile looks in pictures, practice laughing. I guarantee that it may start as a “fake” laugh, but quickly turns into a true smile/chuckle and it’s guaranteed to make your partner laugh as well. This method has been tried and proven.

Don’t forget…you can bring props and fun things to incorporate into your photo shoot. Balloons, a large lollipop, some vintage suitcases, or fun parasols are always good for a great picture.

If you want to incorporate a lift or a dip in your shots, practice with your partner at home. Makes for a great Date night!


Have matching bikes? Why not ride along a romantic pathway for some action shots? Your shoot is limited only by your imagination. Just don’t ask me to cliff dive or bungee jump with you… I don’t think my 

equipment can handle it.Always get as close to your significant other as you can, without squishing cheek. Squished faces don’t look good on anybody!

When kissing for a picture, avoid fish kissing…you know the fish kiss…pouted lip against pouted lip—fish kisses do not look as good as relaxed lips in a kiss. It might not be the way you regularly kiss, but for the purposes of a great photo…relax those lips.


Be aware of the camera, but don’t be afraid of it. If we ask you to walk down the street…walk with some gusto, turn back and smile at us, be cuddly, and don’t be afraid of PDA (public displays of affection). We promise we won’t tell you to get a room.


Relax and have fun.

Slimming Techniques


Not everyone is a size 2, and I for sure am NOT one to fit that bill... I always appreciated getting info form photographers I worked with on how to make myself look thinner in front of the camera. Though I know angles are important, a clients participation and knowledge is important too. 

To avoid arm spreadage, make an effort to make angles. Bend your arms, and try not to have your upper arm resting on your body. Imagine a beauty contestant if you will. Notice how they stand, with their elbow bent and hand resting on their hip? That space between her arm and body is the difference between a lean looking arm and having “arm spreadage”. We’re all familiar with the arm spreadage.

Nothing makes for great looking calves then some killer heels. Can’t walk long in heels? Bring a pair of flip flops and we’ll swap them out when it’s time to take a longer stroll.

Afraid of thigh width? Practice sitting on one hip (the objective is to get those thighs off of the chair). The more you get that thigh off of the chair, less “spreadage”. 

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