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• Tips For Your Shoot •

Please respect my guidelines as they help keep the shoot running smoothly.


• Make sure your pet has gone to the bathroom before the shoot. This prevents accidents and helps keep anxious pets at ease. 

• Bring a supply of treats and a favorite toy for your pet (just in case) - animal cooperation is critical for good photos.

• Research! Look up some images that you hope to have recreated. I will look over the images and do my best with your pets' cooperation.

• If you would like a prop or blanket for your animal, please bring it with you. For the protection of your pet, I do not provided props for animal photography sessions


• Puppies / Dogs should be walked for about 30 minutes prior to the shoot. If they are too hyper or too tired they will not want to listen.



• In order to insure the quality of the shoot, children will be asked not to participate in the setting. This is to solidify a “no distraction” zone so we get the best possible photo for you and your chosen subject.

• A positive environment is key to a successful shoot therefore positive punishment is not acceptable. We will postpone the shoot if I feel uncomfortable with the welfare of the animal.

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