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• Furever Keepsakes •

Each lovely Furever Keepsake contains a small amount of cremains (about half a teaspoon), hair or teeth from your loved one.  I can use cremains, hair, or teeth from pets in all my work, however I will not accept orders involving human cremains, hair or teeth.  Once your request form has been submitted, and payment is made, I will send you a collection kit for the cremains/hair/teeth within seven business days.  Once the kit is returned, I usually ship your Furever Keepsake within 2-3 weeks.

Rainbow Bridge (proper noun)

This term is not for everyone, but is used often when in reference to a blissful place where a pet animal is imagined to go after passing away. It is thought that this is where he/she eventually will be reunited with their owner. It is said to be a part of heaven where the owner and the pet will never again be separated. The Rainbow Bridge was derived from a thematic poem that was written during the year 1980 that is concentrated on the subject of pet loss.

• Cost & Details •

Metal, Wood & Resin Pendants: $45+

All Pendants come with the choice of shape, colors, added text and add-ins such as glitter, flowers, gems or beach themed. You are able to choose between your pendant being a keychain or pendant ready for placing on a necklace chain of your own. You can also select your pendant to be placed on a 25" black faux leather suede cord necklace with a lobster claw clasp at an additional cost.

Bracelets Available under "Elastic Bracelet".

Beads and colors vary upon stock. and are fully customized to order which raises price.


Rainbow Bridge Bracelet: $15

An assortment of 4 bracelets to choose from! Enjoy a more subtle and elegant bracelet with a rainbow of beads, hearts, and lava beads to infuse with essential oils! Other bracelets from my collection come with larger beads for a more bold look that also include paw prints in the designs.

These Bracelets do NOT contain cremains.


• Inception of the Furever Keepsakes Collection •


I have lived my life with many types of animals by my side, but one was far more than an animal. Serabi was not only my best friend, but she was a life saver in many ways. Prior to adopting her on January 7, 2015, my best friend who was fostering her at the time noticed that Serabi and I had a connection. Serabi quickly became my ESA and got me through some of the hardest years of my young adult life.  

August 18, 2019, Serabi passded away suddenly at the young age of 5. She passed away doing what she knew best, trying to save my life, but I wasn't there needing saving. As I lost my childhood house in a fire, Serabi's paws turned into wings as she ran into the burning house looking for me. At that moment the rescue dog became My Rescue and 'till this day is my guardian angel.

After the loss of Serabi, I was devastated and only found comfort in buying things that included her cremains or things that commemorated her life. I realized how much money people made off my grieving and it honestly made me more upset. I was willing to pay anything because I was grieving, but to capitalize on someones pain was baffling.

Due to being disappointed with quite a few of my purchases, I ended up making my own pendants, keychains, bracelets and even car decals to make myself happy. At that moment I realized that I could bring this happiness to others once I perfected the art. One of my regular customers told me that it would mean more to him for his pieces to be created by someone who truly understood the love one has for their furever family member without capitalizing on

ones pain. I put my heart and love into each of my

pieces, knowing this is a loved one to someone, just

like Serabi was to me.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 2.42.18 PM.png

After Serabi passed, I honored her life by getting a new baby girl, Shenzi. I knew this little pup would make Serabi proud and as months passed, her baby teeth fell out! We were lucky to be able to save some and embody them in resin as well! This was not for everyone, but quite a few people loved the idea enough that I wanted to add it as part of the Furever Keepsake Collection! If parents can keep their baby's teeth, why can't fur-families do the same? We all want what we want, and I want to be able to offer services for all pet parents to commemorate their furbabies life no matter their stage in life! I want to make honoring keepsakes for our babies whether they are still on this earth or have grown wings and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Shipping the kit is $5, however shipping cremains is a touchy subject and must be handled properly. In order for you to mail back the cremains, you must pay USPS. There will not be a pre-paid label within the packaging. You will have the option to deliver it however you choose as long as there is tracking that you can send me. You will also have the choice on how you would like your final works delivered back to you. Options will be First Class ($5)/Next Day($50)


As someone who lost a furever family member, it was much harder than I thought to package up her hair & cremains to be made into beautiful artwork. It took me a long while before I could get myself to send it out, but Etsy does keep us on a time line and I want to make sure I do not pressure you.

In order for me not to sound pushy about the return of your loved one, these kits are best to be bought FIRST & BEFORE making a commitment to a purchase of a Furever Keepsake. The shipping of a kit happens very fast, but I rely on you to ship the kit back to me in order to start producing your piece!



It will be up to you if you would like to

return the kit via:

Next Day Mail (usually $25+) or through
First Class Priority Mail (usually $5).

If you inform USPS that there are animal cremains within the package, they will REQUIRE Next Day Mail.


Once the package has been shipped, please send me the tracking number so that I can keep my eyes out for your loved one! At this point, If you have not placed an order for your Furever Keepsake, it would be best to do so. Once your loved one arrives in my hands and a Furever Keepsake has been purchased, production starts to take place!

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