• Jewelry & Keychains •

With collections inspired by the ocean, the LGBTQ+ community, a magical world full of witches and wizards, and more, the options are endless! Each collection offers a variety of items like necklaces, keychains, and bracelets.


Each collection comes with an order request form for you to fill out. Once approved, I will e-mail you with final details and how to complete payment. Current payment methods are through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Google Pay & Apple Pay.

• Magical Collection •

Empower your magical side with these witchy inspired pieces.

May they fill your soul with the mystical and wonder that I find guides my art in this collection!

• Pride Collection •

Everyone deserves love and acceptance to be their authentic selves which is where the inspiration of this collection stems. These pieces embrace the inclusive lifestyle and Pride theme!

• Ocean Collection •

An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, but we can not always find an ocean. Cary a piece of the ocean with you! This collection is inspired by my second home in Half Moon Bay, California.

• Films & More •

Have a favorite show, movie, or saying? Make it come to life in a keychain, bracelet, or Necklace! In this collection you will find so many familiar faces and iconic sayings! Feel free to ask for your own custom piece to be made too!

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