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In today’s connected world, people are bombarded by businesses, products, services, promotional messages and advertisements in just about every channel. In such a cluttered marketplace, how do YOU stand out? Although there are several logo designing programs available in the market, if you are not experienced in creating eye-catching images, your design may appear amateurish. I am here to help you avoid that very common pitfall. With years of schooling in typography and specifically in logo design since 2011, I create compelling logo designs for all my clients that match their business model as well as their personalities and interests. I think is it very important for the logo to represent the person behind it. Your brand says EVERYTHING about who you are. It is much more than just a pretty logo perfectly spelled out in some font —it’s your & your company’s engine. It is the perceived image, impression, and emotional response to your company, products, and services. 

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