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• Magical Collection •

Sport your house pride with these magical themed pieces! Is your house known for courage/bravery, loyalty/patience, wisdom/intelligence, or ambition/cunning. Maybe you're a mix or just love the whole magical world!
Maybe you have a favorite character from this magical world! Browse the collection and feel free to
request a custom order that involves your favorite house or character!

Magic (noun)

The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using

mysterious or supernatural forces

Metal Pendant: $30+

All Pendants stand alone, or you have the choice of being a put on keychain or necklace. For an additional charge, pendants can be placed on a standard black 25" suede chain.

Have a special request? Order "Custom Request" and we can talk and forth about what you would like for your custom magical order!

Coming Soon

Bracelet: $15+

An assortment of 4 bracelets to choose from!
Each bracelet is made with magic, love and crackled glass beads! Beautiful and elegant!

Options for Custom Orders as well!

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