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• Ocean Collection

The ocean is a beautiful place. A place full of mystery and wonder. As a person who used to go to the beach all the time before moving to a state that is landlocked, it brings me joy to make these. It reminds me of home!



Have you traveled someplace and brought back a little sand? Maybe you snagged a little sand from a place you used to go to with your dog, the beach where you got married, or a trip you took. I know we aren't supposed to, but sometimes we cant resist keeping that memory alive with a little keepsake!


Turn that sand into part of your pendant! For a small fee of $15, you can use that special sand! I will send you a little bag and spoon with a return envelope. Once I get the sand, I will mix it in with some clear resin and incorporate it into your pendant. Any leftover sand can either be sent back to you, or you can opt for it to go into my jar of mixed sand!

Beach (noun)

A place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility.

• Cost & Details •


Metal Pendant: $40+

All Pendants come with the choice of being a keychain or necklace. Add a 25" black Suede Cord Necklace for  $10

Bracelet: $15

A small assortment of bracelets to choose from that bring the ocean to you!

Coming Soon
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