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The ocean is a beautiful place. A place full of mystery and wonder. As a person who used to go to the beach all the time before moving to a state that is landlocked, it brings me joy to make these. It reminds me of home!

Beach (noun)

A place of relaxation, rest, and tranquility.

• Cost & Details •


Metal/Wood Pendant: $40

All Pendants come with the choice of being a keychain or necklace. All Necklaces come with a standard adjustable black leather cord

Full Resin Keychain: $25

Full resin keychains designed to carry a small bit of the ocean with you on the go! These can come on various shapes and sized! Circles, Squares, ovals and more!

Bracelet: $15

An assortment of bracelets to choose from that bring the ocean to you!


Have you traveled someplace and brought back a little sand? Maybe you snagged a little sand from a place you used to go to with your dog, the beach where you got married, or a trip you took. I know we aren't supposed to, but sometimes we cant resist keeping that memory alive with a little keepsake!


Turn that sand into part of your pendant! For a small fee of $15, you can use that special sand! I will send you a little bag and spoon with a return envelope. Once I get the sand, I will mix it in with some clear resin and incorporate it into your pendant. Any leftover sand can either be sent back to you, or you can opt for it to go into my jar of mixed sand!

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Q: How Do I Pay?

A: Currently I offer payment options through Venmo & PayPal, but also have other options such as CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay and Google Pay for those that do not have Venmo or PayPal.

Q: How Long does it Take?

A: Once your order is paid for, I begin production. Production can take anywhere from a day to a couple days depending on when the order was placed, and how many orders there are for me to do that week. Usually your order is shipped out within a week via USPS First class. and will arrive in 3-4 business days.

Q: Do I Get a Tracking #?

A: YES! All my packages are shipped out with USPS and receive a tracking number for your records and my records!

Q: Refund/Return?

A: No. If you request a refund prior to production, I will honor the refund, however production takes place very shortly after payment is made. If production has already taken place, a refund cannot be issued as materials have already been used, however a 50% credit can go towards another order from my shop.

Q: How Do I Know I will Like It?

A: I offer 100% Satisfaction! Prior to mailing out the order, I will send you images of the order! Once approved, I will ship it out within the next few days. If you do not approve, or something doesn't sit well with you, we will talk about what changes we can make to get you 100% satisfied!

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